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established 2004


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Specialty Funerals
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Unique & Personal Farewells

Specialty Funerals provide unique funeral vehicles throughout all areas
of Melbourne & Rural Victoria 

Specialty Funerals work alongside all Victorian Funeral Directors
We pride ourselves on providing a high standard of professional service
Operating for over 17 years, since 2004

Some of the Funeral Directors we have worked with..

Peter Robertson Funerals
Phelan Funerals
Tobin Brothers
White Lady
Le Pine Funerals
Kingston Funerals
Greenhaven Funerals
Selwyn Allen Funerals
Basilica Funerals

Hearse Hire Melbourne
Choice of Silver or Black Hearses

Specialty Funerals offer a unique & personal touch to funerals
Creating a caring farewell, reflective of life, interests and personality

If you have not yet chosen a funeral director, Specialty Funerals
can also offer complete tailored funeral services

Experienced consultants will guide you through each step of
arranging a unique and personal farewell

Venue - Historic Chapel in Central Victoria owned by Specialty Funerals 

Specialty Funeral Services
established 2004

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